Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magic for the Cure

For those who follow this blog and somehow don't know it, I've been playing Magic: the Gathering for the last 16 years. I'm a Tournament Organizer and DCI-certified Judge, and I really love the community of players. Despite all the horrible slurs against gamers, I have seen, over and over again, people banding together through games to do great things. Sometimes those things are small and personal -- building great friendships, telling amazing stories, pulling off combos that no sane person would attempt. But sometimes, those things are phenomenally huge. I hope this will be one of the latter.

In 2007, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now one of more than two million survivors in the United States. We owe her early detection and successful treatment to research funded by organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This year, I will be part of the Columbia, MO Race for the Cure in her honor, and I'm asking my friends in the DCI to help out. To raise funds for my Race for the Cure team, I will be organizing Magic for the Cure, to be held at Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, MO. If you would like to donate toward the prize pool, please contact me at rcross126 (at) gmail (dot) com for shipping information.

Tournament Info

Where: Valhalla's Gate
            901 East Nifong, Suite B
            Columbia, MO 65201
When: Sept 4, 2010
           Registration: 11:00 - 11:25 AM
           Tournament begins promptly at 11:30
Entry fee: $20
Format: Standard
Prizes: final list announced at the tournament, but including (as of 9/3/10 - unfortunately some of the promised product did not arrive. If it was yours, I will be emailing you.)--
  • Burning Wish (DCI Judge Foil) x2
  • Decree of Justice (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Gemstone Mine (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Land Tax (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Mind's Desire (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Natural Order (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Phyrexian Dreadnought (DCI Judge Foil) x2
  • Polluted Delta (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Stifle (DCI Judge Foil) 
  • Survival of the Fittest (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Thawing Glaciers (DCI Judge Foil)
  • Cryptic Command (Player Rewards Textless Foil)
  • Okina Nightwatch playset (Arena League Foils)
  • Giant Growth (FNM Foil)
  • Revised Badlands
  • Revised Volcanic Island
  • Birds of Paradise (M11 Buy-a-Box Promo)
  • Day of Judgment (Zendikar Buy-a-Box Promo)
  • Vivid Meadow (signed by Rob Alexander)
  • Island (signed by Gabriel Nassif)
  • Forest (Asian foil promo)
  • Liliana's Specter (M11 Game Day Promo) (x10 - these will be split up in some as yet undetermined fashion)
  • Gideon Jura
  • Jace, the Mind Sculptor
  • From the Vault: Relics
  • Booster Box of M11 (x2)
  • print of Force of Will -- mat and frame by Lloyd Dodson and his wife
  • Arena Land Set
  • Rise of the Eldrazi longbox with dividers
  • 2011 Intro Pack "Breath of Fire"
  • Rise of the Eldrazi Intro Pack "Eldrazi Arisen"
  • Time Spiral Theme Deck "Fun with Fungus"
  • Eventide Theme Deck "Superabundance"
  • Time Spiral Theme Deck "Reality Fracture" (Italian)
  • Alara Reborn XL t-shirt
  • 2010 Core Set XXL t-shirt
  • 2011 Core Set XXL t-shirt
  • Zendikar XL t-shirt
  • 2010 Core Set XL t-shirt
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