Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Speed Demon

Here I go again. Two nights ago, I finished the first book of my management training (and when I say book, picture a 4"-thick 3-ring binder. Generally, this section takes new managers 4-7 months to complete. I got the book May 18th and finished June 13th. Now granted, I still have to complete a couple of verifications and do the prework for class in August, but I'm essentially done. The owner of our store wants me to finish the whole series in the next 2 years. I'm thinking I might be able to do 18 months without much ado...

Crazy crazy. In other news, I have health insurance of my own now (or rather, I will have as of July 1). AND DENTAL! It's so wierd to have my own benefits, although I'll admit to taking advantage of my vision coverage with Colin's plan before I go off it. That frames allowance is nice. Anyhow, early morning coming up; more news as it occurs to me.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Making Plans

In the academic world, I got used to planning my life in 4/5 month chunks (Aug-Dec, Jan-May, May-Aug). Now I'm doing good if I plan more than a day or two ahead. At some level I like that. At other levels, I feel out of control--like my life is flipping past me and the days are whirring by faster than I can count. I mean--it's June already! My brother's birthday is 5 days away (as both parents reminded me on the phone tonight). Luckily, I've got tomorrow off work and had already planned to head to Columbia. Now I'm adding the used music/game/video store to my schedule.

But we are starting to make plans, and they're longer plans than I've ever made before (excepting the "plans" attached to various loans). We've got a real estate agent starting to look for land outside of town (with or without a house at this particular point). We're talking about our family--whether we want kids, and whether pregnancy or adoption would be best for us.

Ah well, my dog tells me I should get off the computer and go to bed. She knocked my arm off the keyboard and ran toward the bedroom door. She's got a point, and I've got a busy day tomorrow.