Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Okay, getting this out of my system, because I REALLY REALLY want to vent, but I also don't want to get Dooce'd. Luckily, most of my coworkers don't know the meaning of "blog," let alone actually read any.

Let's just say I suspect a couple of people of trying to sabotage me at work. They have personal interests in me not succeeding, because it might, potentially, affect them. (For Mom and Dad--I feel like I'm working with Cokie.) Before anyone asks: YES, I am writing all of this down, just not online. YES, I am making sure people are informed about this. NO, I'm not just jumping over these people's heads, but rather going to an equal of these people and "asking advice" with reasonable hope that the message will move up from there.

I'm also taking nice relaxing baths, nice relaxing naps....and my Prozac. No migraines yet, but I'm prepared for when they come (I don't think it's going to be "if").

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andy said...

Boy oh boy. You'd think that working at McDonald's wouldn't have the level of politics and backstabbing that you'd find at a major Hollywood studio or, evidently, in the academic world, but I guess management is management wherever you go, right?