Thursday, March 23, 2006

Am I Dreaming?

A dream job opened up yesterday, and I found out about it.

Okay, maybe it's not my ultimate dream job--which would basically involve doing nothing and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money.

But anyhow, A dream job. Back at my former university, working with several people I already know and like. Secretarial, desk job kinda stuff. With writing. And web development. No fries, deck scrubbing brushes, or screaming three year olds (at least, most of the time). So, I started working on my application, and discovered it needed three letters of recommendation.

Step one--email former advisor who now serves in the same office where this job is located. Attach resume. Nearly forget to hit send as I've already started step two.

Step two--look up chat buddy list (have I mentioned how much I adore Trillian?) and find my pal Jen who was a grad student with me at this university and whose husband still teaches there. Chat with her about letter, realize I haven't sent the email to advisor, click send. Get assurance she will write for me.

Step three--figure out which of about six people I want to write letter three. I put this on hold.

Step four--start filling out four page job application.

Meanwhile, Trillian tells me I have an email from the former advisor. He tells me that, not only is he willing to recommend me, he's already done so, having hand-delivered said letter about five minutes before this email...

Needless to say, the rest of the day I spent floating on a cloud. Hopefully this will come out well. Pray for me, readers! By the way, did get the third letter thing figured out, so no worries.


Andy said...

Woo hoo! Good luck, though it doesn't sound like you particularly need luck if the pieces keep falling into place like they are. You know you'd been missing the commute ;)

Gina said...

They've made it all four-lane now, so I could at least pass the poky farmers.

Andy said...

Wow, four-lane. And it only took 20 years.

Gina said...

Closer to 40--the first announcement of plans to expand the highway were in the same newspaper as the birth announcement for one of Colin's older cousins.