Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Too busy to think...

I got a new front door today. This sentence does not fully convey the ordeal this has been...

  • May 5: First day of our do-stuff-around-the-house vacation. Included multiple trips to Lowe's (that's a whole 'nother rant), one of which included paying to have someone come measure so we could buy a new front door.
  • May 9: The guy is late, impacting the rest of our plans for the day, but we get the measurements done.
  • May 10: I go to buy the door and pay for the installation. It takes no fewer than 4 people (including one on the phone) to figure out how to pull up the order the dude wrote yesterday so I can pay for it. We should hear from the installer within 2 business days to schedule the installation.
  • Dates are fuzzy through the next bit, but it involved a damaged in-stock door that they returned, an installer getting injured in an accident, and a second damaged door that they returned. At no time do I get an update without having to call the store, usually multiple times. Eventually, we're scheduled for an install on May 27 at 5 PM. Colin plans to be home in time for the start.
  • May 27: I get home from a meeting around 5:30 and notice there's no extra vehicles around the house and the door looks the same. Apparently at 5:20, they decided to inform us that the door was damaged (again!) and they're trying to get us a new one from another store. They ultimately decide that they will give us 10% off the cost of the door. (Just the door, not the installation or the other work involved. Basically it's 10% off 1/3 the project price.)
  • May 30: Reschedule for installation on the 3rd at 5 PM.
  • June 3: I get home at 4:45. To the tune of yelling baby, I start prepping his dinner. At 4:50, the guys show up and get to work. Though I was skeptical at a few points, they seem to know what they're doing, and the door gets installed. In the meantime, we discover that my husband and the installer share an ex. Fun times!
So, yeah. Weird-ass day. Too much crap going on to have time to think. 

But hey, I have a new front door with a window I can actually see out of! ... Now I need to paint it....

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