Saturday, March 19, 2005

News from Florida

The conference is going well, so far. We're all really enjoying ourselves, although there have been rough spots. First, there was a person whose crassness really made a dinner last year uncomfortable. That person has returned (see, I'm even avoiding the mention of gender, here), and gave a really almost embarrassingly weak paper. Unfortunately, said paper was presented between two papers which I really wanted to hear, so I couldn't really just run away.

Second--we were stuck on a floor where about 8 rooms in our hallway were occupied by people on spring break. Apparently, rather than seeing the hotel as a haven from the partying and craziness, these folks saw it as the main party site. Slamming doors repeatedly at 4AM is apparently now cool. I am now officially old, because I was party to repeatedly calling the front desk and complaining--eventually leading (I think) to the offenders being ejected from the hotel. At the very least, they were checking out before 5AM, so we should sleep better tonight.

On the good side, however, my paper and all of my friends' papers seem to have gone spectacularly. We've gotten good, insightful comments and questions, and we've held up well under cross-examination. :) Sharon will have her paper published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, and she has been contacted about expanding it into a possible book chapter. I'm working on my own book proposal, which seems to be going well. And Kathy has actually managed to get some sleep--although not enough, thanks to the dimwits from Spring Break.

The banquet tonight should be fantastic (appropriately, yes?), and I'm hoping that I may do well in the Graduate Student Award competition. More once I get home...

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Alan said...

Seems a common method of becoming "officially old"--to see drunken 19 year olds (who are still officially adolescents, according to my psych text) as immature and incredibly annoying rather than as ragin' partiers to be emulated.