Monday, September 19, 2005

Moving Right Along...

If you don't hear a plucky banjo along with that title, you need to see The Muppet Movie again.

So, anyway, yesterday was my last day at the Moberly version of our restaurants before I start full time in Centralia. Of course, I'll still be running to Moberly periodically to borrow stock and stuff, but I won't really "work" there any more. That reminds me--I gotta find out where I'm picking up my checks...

I'll miss the people, but not the store itself. It's 26 years old, and some of the design ideas are outmoded, and some are just plain bad ideas. Example: the walk-in freezer is in the basement. You lug 36 lb. boxes of fries up 14 steps (yes, I counted) and see if you think that's good feng shui. I didn't burn any bridges, but I was uncompromising, and I did tell one crew member EXACTLY what I thought. When I called him a whiny baby, he asked why I thought he gave a shit about the store/the job/etc. My response? We pay you to give a shit.

I'm not sure why people (not just the teenagers) think all jobs should be easy and high paying. And of course, their definition of easy is a whole lot different than mine.

For the record, my definition of easy work includes:
  • Not having to put up with disdain for my religious beliefs
  • Not working in a constantly refrigerated environment
  • Not being a telemarketer
  • Being able to leave work at work to a fair degree
  • Having time for my own projects outside of work, whether they be reading, studying, or working for charitable causes

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