Monday, September 12, 2005

Whirlwinds and Hurricanes

Such a time. Again, I apologize for my slowness in updating. Since my last major post:
  • I've wiped my hard drive (on purpose)
  • I've had lunch with the lovely and wonderful Jen
  • I've become disgusted (yet again) with governmental nepotism
  • I've decided to get serious about professional grantwriting
  • I've scored beaucoup points with my boss, just for being me
  • I've contributed to three Katrina relief funds
  • I've looked into working on/in recovery as a food service manager (and decided not to finalize any decisions on the matter for at least a month)
  • I've entertained and declined a more profitable but probably less fulfilling job opportunity
  • I've reconnected with friends like CC
  • I've had some anonymous compliments on my job
  • I've had a good friend and colleague tell me that I look and seem happier, healthier and more at ease than I have in years

So yeah, I've been busy.


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