Thursday, June 06, 2013

Back on the Horse

I wanted to have a good reason to skip a day. Maybe I could have written about being in labor, but then I'd have had to write the mea culpa today that I only thought I was in labor. Apparently I wasn't. Or not in active labor, anyway. These contractions could continue for the remaining weeks of my term. Not something I pictured.

I guess I have at least identified one variety of "not it." Though things were getting regular and even somewhat frequent yesterday, they only sort of got stronger. There was plenty of discomfort, but no real pain. Even my issues with the exams at the hospital were more about the positional awkwardness and my growing realization that I was wrong about whether it was TIME.

I don't like it. I want to get on with things now and see my son instead of just feeling his hiccups. As I said (in the face of another platitude "baby will get here when HE's ready") earlier today, easy to understand, hard to live through.

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