Saturday, June 01, 2013


Enormous changes are on the horizon. Today is June 1st, and some time this month, I will go from "childless" to "mom."

The word "impending" keeps coming to mind, which seems unfortunate, since it frequently precedes "doom". I don't mean it that way, but that sense of looming about-to-happen-ness, the inevitability combined with lack of control over timing, combined with the amount of my brain this is taking up.... impending is the only word that seems to fit.

There's a lot going on this weekend and early next week, and they are good and necessary things: barbecuing with friends, preparing for an important meeting on Monday. I really want to see my child, (and I'd be lying if I didn't note that having him would mean the beginning of recovery rather than the prolongation of discomfort) but ultimately, I'd like him to hold off at least a few more days. Tuesday would be fine. Probably until another something gets close enough on my schedule to break through and impend all on its own.

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