Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Discovering the Rest of the World

For the past eight years or so, we haven't had television. Not that we didn't have A TV, we just didn't have cable or satellite, and you really can't get a decent signal around here. But with baby on the way, we know we're not really going to be doing as much out and about as we have in the past.

Today, we got a new satellite system. During setup, the installer had it on NFL Network, and as he tried to show me how some of the menus and such worked, I told him to put it back there - it was better than the daytime dreck on elsewhere. When he left, I had ESPNU running college softball from OKC. Tonight I'm watching the Cardinals (and loving the fact that I can skip the commercials, since we took a walk).

I'll figure out what's on TV later. I've missed live sports, so apparently I'm going to binge. And anyway, to mutilate some George R. R. Martin, Football is Coming...

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