Monday, June 03, 2013

Rocky Road

No, it's not the ice cream flavor I'm currently consuming. (That would be Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream.)

I'm not particularly good with the whole "patience" thing. I may take a while to make up my mind on something, but once it's made up, I want results yesterday. So the whole gestation thing is frustration #1 at this point. I'm ready, the house is ready, and he's past the arbitrary "safe" line on the calendar. Let's do this thing! But it will probably be a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks where I could easily spend half my time each night sleeping (or trying to) in my recliner because it hurts less than lying on my side in bed. Where I can't even take the shortened version of my walk - I'm down to less than half a mile, I think (I don't really want to recalibrate my pedometer just to confirm something depressing).

The decision from my big meeting today is probably also coming down in "a couple of weeks." That could be some awkward timing, to be sure. Wait and see is apparently THE order of business right now, and it's got me chomping at the bit.

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